34 – Trees of Karlík

Just a couple of days before Christmas, I decided to postpone, yet again, a trip to see the Christmas tree in Old Town Square. Instead, I circled a couple of more fortunate, prominent trees on an ordinance survey map and found an itinerary which would allow us to pass both of them. 

Just 30 minutes from Prague, this beautiful hike of “moderate plus” difficulty will take you up rocky forest trails and over grassy plains, where you will see two interesting trees and as a bonus, encounter my favourite animal ! No, surprisingly it’s not an Irish setter ; though it IS the same colour.

Photograph gallery :

For full itineraries (see walk 45 for an example of itinerary details) you may wish to Purchase book 🔗 https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/

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5 responses to “34 – Trees of Karlík”

  1. Raf Avatar

    Very nice walk. 10km but seemed shorter (1h45, good time!). I guess because people and dogs were nice. When I’ve done it, we were 4 people and 5 dogs. But as well because there are a lot of different landscapes. A great view on the valley at the beginning, forest, fields and… plushes… alive… 250kg plushes… Nice, calm. Not even a bark from dogs. A bit muddy because of the rain the previous days. But otherwise, wouldn’t be funny.
    Thanks, it’s with you always a pleasure!

  2. Thomas Avatar

    Great walk as always! I particularly liked the mix with forest and open fields with nice views.

  3. Jaana Avatar

    I have now done this walk twice, and today I fell in love with it even more. It feels always less than 10K, it’s weird. I like the mix of hills, forests and fields. You start with a long climb but the views from the top are worth it. If you have time and want to enjoy even more, do bring some snacks and wine and sit at the bench and table on the top to enjoy the scenery.

  4. moustachetraileur Avatar

    Really nice hike, 30/40min away from Vinohrady 🙂
    A bit muddy, it took us 2h15 to complete the tour. A little bit difficult at the beggining, with almost 100D+ in the first kilometer 😀
    Our dog Joe loved it, and can now sleep for the next 7 days, until the next hike ^^

  5. Danguole Avatar

    Nice trail, with a risk of being very short as just on the top of first hill it’s so tempting to just stay on the bench with a view to the valley.
    Good combination of forest and wide fields, and a bit of mud in this season just makes the walk more funny. And yes first time i saw the red hair highland cows, now with babies – beautiful.
    Thanks for adventure!

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